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We hear a lot lately about electronic products developed with only one purpose: to read eBooks. Blogs and Newspapers outdo each other in presentations of different (but all very similar) devices. One of the most popular is the Kindle, owned by Amazon com. As an author I am delighted that people want to read books, in spite of pessimistic predictions from publishers and literary agents who see their profits fall as more writers skip the "traditional" way to reach readers, and publish directly in electronic format.

As a reader I must admit that the currently available eReaders do not quite match my needs. The ability to download eBooks at any time is their best feature, but it ends there. Being an active traveler I am excited to be able to carry dozens, hundreds, and thousands of reading material without breaking my back, as happened to Blaise Cendrars who dragged crates of books everywhere he went. Books that filled my backpack when I was younger, are now replaced by all kinds of electronic equipment, such cameras and corresponding chargers. A dedicated eReader, therefore, has no room in my suitcase, unless it is multifunctional. This is why I use the Nokia N800 tablet (not a phone!).

At one time this mini-PC received some unflattering reviews, but for me it has become indispensable. It is always in my pocket. I use it as an FM radio, Internet radio, MP3 player and recorder, video player, GPS, organizer, e-mail client, web browser, Skype (also to call landlines and cellphones), texting, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It's got unlimited expandable memory, and does multitasking. But, what is most important to me, is that it works as an excellent eBook reader.

I recall a time when I was not convinced that eBooks would ever replace "traditional" books on my shelves. Now, for every 10 books I purchase 8 are eBooks. I became so accustomed to using my tablet for eBook reading that I find "traditional" books, particularly the large hardcover format, to be very uncomfortable to handle, especially in bed. They are just too bulky and heavy.

In contrast to all available eReaders the Nokia screen sports excellent quality, brilliant color, and allows all the adjustments to colors, fonts, etc, which is extremely important in the evening when, after a long day of sitting in front of a laptop, my eyes are very tired.

N800 reads all popular eBook formats (through a variety of free applications), including those secured by DRM (albeit unofficially), and fits in my pocket. There appears to be a trend among eReader manufacturers to build ever larger devices. I see future in them, but only for stationary eBook reading, at home. I am waiting for news about Apple's latest product, perhaps will use it to read ebooks at home, but I do not foresee any replacement for my mobile Nokia N800.

Nokia N800:

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