Kids read, but not what old fogeys want them to

In the week that sales of children’s books have soared by 4.9% research from Asda shows that although sales of Twilight and Harry Potter are increasing many children have little or no knowledge of classic literature. The supermarket, who polled over 100 children and 2,000 parents on their reading habits, is predicting that should the decline in classics continue the likes of Bronte and Dickins could be extinct within a generation.
When asked about the book Moby Dick, 40% of children thought the title character was a pop star, 40% an explorer and only 16% a whale. However, when asked to name David When questioned on the books they have enjoyed, children reinforced their love of modern literature with 28% having read Harry Potter versus just 3% for Lord of the Flies and Of Mice and Men. This is a rather different picture to their parents generation where 35% of parents remembered reading Jane Eyre as a child compared to just 4% of today’s generation. READ MORE

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