NATO Military Intelligence Officer defects

Knowledge possessed by the missing Polish military intelligence officer Stefan Zielonka is dangerous for the Polish agents operating abroad, daily Dziennik reports.

The paper learned that over the years Zielonka was teaching illegals, the officers who left under the cover for abroad, for instance, how to send coded reports to their headquarters. He knows their faces, identities and countries where they have been sent to.

The newspaper established knowledge possessed by Zielonka was not limited only by the knowledge of codes and codes used by the service. This information has been confirmed by several independent sources in the military intelligence service.

The illegals is an elite of any intelligence service; spy networks have been established abroad which normally operate without coming into contact with the members of the secret service stations. Their work is subject to much greater danger as they are not protected by diplomatic immunity. SOURCE Original Polish daily text is here.

I'd like to know why the Poles are crying so loud about Zielonka being in Chinese hands?

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