It's easy being green (-ish)

Is climate change a fact or a fad? Is global warming a conspiracy? It doesn't matter. I know that many of my actions are destructive to the environment, I can see it in my trash. So, I decided to be proactive. A couple of years ago I took the initiative to green my home, and my behavior (details were posted on my blog). Some recent changes are added below:

  • Installed a recyclable steel roof. This lowered heating and cooling electricity consumption, and I do not have to change my roof with toxic shingles every 15-20 years
  • Insulated the basement
  • Re-insulated the attic
  • Installed ceiling fans to circulate air / help cool / distribute heat around the house
  • Use a rain barrel to collect water and to water the garden
  • Replaced the washing machine to low-consumption (water and electricity) front loading one
  • Replaced clothes dryer to low energy one (though we use the clothesline whenever weather permits)
  • Replaced the dishwasher to low energy / water consumption one (considered ditching it altogether but found out that dishwasher uses less water than hand job)
  • Replaced the fridge to energy efficient one
  • Use a broom to sweep the floors (instead of vacuuming)
  • Changed all light bulbs to mini-spiral fluorescents
  • We compost all organic material, and that which cannot be composted in our garden goes out with the city green bin program
  • We recycle every scrap of paper, plastic, glass, etc…
  • We buy all our veggies and fruit from a corner store that is supplied by local farmers
  • I bike to my grocer 2-3 times a week instead of driving once a week to buy huge loads of stuff
  • Planted numerous trees and shrubs in our yard (the kind that thrive on low water consumption)
  • Planted a wall-creeping plant to help shade the house (and to hear the happy bird concerts)
  • Use bio-degradable soaps and cleaning supplies such as natural soap, baking soda, vinegar, etc.
  • Do not buy chemical cosmetics, only all natural
  • Do not eat meat (agriculture is a devastating carbon monoxide, methane and nitrous oxide producing industry)
  • Built bat houses to help combat mosquitoes (but, really, to stop my neighbors from using chemical sprays)
  • Installed "leaching pit" (only in the country because city does not permit those)
  • Purchase only those products that use skin tight packaging, and / or, strip it in store and make it known what I think of excess thrash
  • I tell my supermarket store owner what I think of open top fridges and freezers
  • In the winter we set our thermostat to 17C and put on a sweater if necessary
  • Limit the use and purchase of cotton garments, using hemp instead
  • Any construction involving wood uses bamboo (easily renewable)
  • I tell SUV driver what I think about the size of their penises, and place literature behing their windshield wipers (see www.earthonempty.com ) BTW: I want to ditch my car, but am not convinced that I can make it without one on this continent where car is often indispensable | considered getting an electric car, but am not convinced that we need more nuclear power plants to charge them
  • I do not fly anywhere on weekends, using those cheap airlines, as many Europeans do
  • I do not buy bottled water
  • I do not subscribe, nor buy any newspapers or magazines (although, these I ditched long before I thought of the environment)
  • I take part in anti-military rallies "The world’s military burns a quarter of the world’s jet fuel and emits 70% of ozone depleting CFCs. The US military generates more hazardous waste than the five largest chemical companies combined" in Losing Control by Paul Rogers
  • I refuse to submit my manuscripts by mail (insist on emailing)
  • I do not print my manuscripts to edit -- use split screen instead
  • Am considering writing the next novel on a typewriter (but, am worried that will use too much paper on rewrites)
  • Am petitioning my local and federal government to ban recreational ATV / water scooter / snow mobile use (each releases as much CO2 as 250 cars)

The above is by no means a complete list. I'm not suggesting that I'm a saint. I know I cause damage to the environment, but I also know that the only way to stop it completely is to eradicate the entire human race. So, I do my best to leave as little footprint as possible.

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