Operation Condor

The School of the Americas, a terrorist-training ground based in Fort Benning, is the proud alma mater for tens of thousands of assassins / human rights violators.

SOA's graduates killed and tortured thousands throughout Latin America. Among the long list of victims were priests, social activists, women and children...

Most of the murderers walk free, many enjoy immunity granted by the various oppressive regimes, some live in luxurious retirement in the USA.

Seeking justice for the victims proves to be a challenge, year after year.

So, an attorney from Uruguay figured there's got to be a better way than going after every single trigger pusher.

He figured that going after the top honcho, the architect of campaigns of torture and mass murder should yield results.

He requested the extradition of Henry Kissinger...

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Literary Agent representing thrillers, suspense, espionage and mystery

Jake Elwell, formerly of Wieser and Elwell, moved to Harold Ober Literary Agency.

This makes Harold Ober yet another agency representing thrillers / mystery / suspense / espionage. (CLICK TO SEE HUNDREDS MORE)

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El Señor de la Conquista in San Miguel Allende

Just a quick note that I am still alive. Been traveling off the beaten track - it may be hard to believe there are places in the world without any electricity, little else Internet access. I'm taking advantage of a short stop over in San Miguel de Allende to log in.

We are lucky to hit the El Señor de la Conquista festivities. Here's how it goes: every dancer creates his / her own costume, different costume every year. And, for every year of taking part in the dancing dancers earn 15 new feathers...

El Señor de la Conquista

San Miguel de Allende, March 2

El Señor de la Conquista - SMA