Reading makes you crazy enough to become a writer

In The Silent House, a novel by Orhan Pamuk, there is a character who “read so many books that he went crazy. This is an autobiographical nod. He is the boy who read so many books that he went crazy. Not one particular book, but Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Thomas Mann, Borges, Calvino… these writers and their novels made me. Reading novels changed my life. I’ve said that I mysteriously moved from painting to novels but at that time I was reading so much that it’s really no mystery. Discovering these writers, as Borges once said about reading Dostoevsky for the first time, is like the experience of seeing the sea for the first time in your life. Discovering these writers, all of them, was like seeing the sea for the first time. You’re stuck there. You want to be something like that. You want to belong to that.”

An Interview with Orhan Pamuk: http://thequietus.com/articles/10733-orhan-pamuk-silent-house-interview

Jack King "A new King of thrillers": www.SpyWriter.com

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