Getting published is an aggregate of chance

''even lousy literature is written by outsiders'' or ''to linger round the bookstore alcove dedicated to how-to-write books is to grow acquainted with the many species of human expectation''.

As those two introductions suggest, Bissell remains enthralled with the job of writing. That preoccupation is not focused on the common delusions that something about writing might really be learnt by knowing which type of pen authors use, what hours they keep or whether they listen to music.

Bissell concentrates on the task of actually getting published. His first essay challenges the notion that ''the sweetest cream eventually rises to the top'', suggesting that literary success might be partly attributed to an ''accumulation of non-literary accidents'' or, indeed, ''the yield of an inert aggregate of chance''.

Bissell's organising idea is that ''the publishing industry as a whole does literature few favours'', and he deploys an impressive accumulation of evidence of chance and accidents to attest that thesis."

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