Reading changes lives

"Many authors write from their personal experiences. When an author can personally connect with young adults with depression, self-harm or any issue for that matter, it sets an example that the reader is not alone and many people go through what he/she feels (including your favorite author!). Authors can be an example that life gets better.

In a world where many adults think teens don’t read anymore, hundreds of thousands of adolescents every day are glued to reading fiction. Some are “reading for school” or “reading for pleasure.” Many are reading for an experience. No matter what age, everyone can say they were forever changed by a book.

Though the book itself can’t physically change a person, the story can plant new ideas and views in someone’s life. Characters with similar problems or scenarios may relate to the reader. The way they handle a situation may spark an idea in the mind of the reader."

More: http://my.hsj.org/DesktopModules/ASNE/ASNE.Newspapers/Mobile.aspx?newspaperid=818&editionid=0&categoryid=0&articleid=558564&userid=0

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