Walmartization of Literature

Another step toward Walmartization of literature:

"The Faber Academy Toronto, slated to open in October, will offer a selection of long and short fiction and poetry courses and employ notable Canadian writers as instructors.

Faber hasn’t yet confirmed either avenue or course list for Toronto, but Keogh said they plan to keep to the European tradition of offering “unique literary experiences in inspired, independent settings.” The Faber Academy will join other creative writing classes in the city, such as the popular programs at Humber College and the University of Toronto." source

Here's a tip for a quick way to become published: take any "creative" writing course. You will write exactly the kind of book expected and understood by literary agents and editors who took a similar course. Do it if your only goal is to become published, and you don't mind falling into oblivion amongst a plethora of clones, or don't expect to be added to literary canon. For the latter, you have to break the rules.

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