Are literary awards justified?

Some people feel that the newest literary award, the Tagore Samsung Literary Award is more about the corporate giant than about literature, but what about literary prizes awarded by one's peers?

"Let us readers and authors take a look at the books that have won literary awards these past few years. Writing about these books’ merits and demerits, and of writing standards in general, one journalist said these works did not qualify to go beyond “the fundamental phase of initial screening”.

Reading through these award-winning books, one wonders how they made it to the top. One finds no substance, no literary value of any kind. Also, there seems to be a total disregard for style and grammar, and scant regard for literary theory.

We see the use of coarse and crude words and phrases that are totally inappropriate for books of any genre. Peppered with crudities, these books are unreadable and drag literature down to its lowest depth.

Most book awards trigger controversy involving money, publishers and cartels. Take a look at the book awards scenario. Prize-winning authors become judges, judges become authors. Who helps whom? Names seem to matter more than writing skills." MORE

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