Boost your creativity, naturally

University of Rochester looked at the relationship between creativity and the nearly subliminal presentation of color. The researchers thought that since the color red is commonly associated with a sense of danger and error (red traffic lights and teachers' red pens) whereas green is associated with positivity and relaxation (green traffic lights and nature), the merest suggestion of such colors might hinder or help creativity. They presented participants with a booklet in either red or green ink. They asked the participants to check that the number on each page was correct and then told them to work through the booklet. Remarkably, even though everyone saw the code numbers for just a few seconds, those who were exposed to the green ink solved around 30% more anagrams than those who saw the red ink. The evidence suggest that for creativity you are better off going green.

In other studies it was proven that even small amounts of greenery can boost creative thoughts. As simple tactic as replacing a magazine rack with a potted plant can enhance your creativity.

To inspire creative thoughts, place plants and flowers in a room, and, if possible, ensure that windows look out on trees and grass, not concrete and steel. Don't try to fake it. Pictures of waterfalls do not aid innovation, and even high-definition screens showing live camera feeds from natural scenes do not make people feel more relaxed.


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