Reading novels improves work skills

This comes back now and then and is worth repeating: reading novels is good for your brain, benefitting your interpersonal and work skills.

"According to recent reports featured in Forbes and the Harvard Business Review blog, reading fiction can help you develop highly valued interpersonal skills and increase your emotional intelligence.

Why not just read the latest tome on productivity or how-to best-seller on effective team building strategies? While non-fiction business books offer practical techniques and useful case studies, novels employ a more subtle way of cultivating interpersonal skills.

According to data conducted by cognitive and behavioral researchers, diving into a story triggers neuronal brain activity that helps the reader understand human emotion and ultimately improve his or her emotional intelligence. Even if one has a wide circle of acquaintances, the thought patterns and processes of these individuals are usually private. However, in a novel, a reader is exposed to a character’s innermost thoughts and emotions, yielding insight into how different personality types approach a situation.

Research supports the theory that exposure to characters’ different perspectives and ways of viewing the world can translate into more empathy in relationships, including workplace interactions."

More: http://m.heraldbulletin.com/thb/pm_104136/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=Ywui01s8

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