Are you getting any of that which is "better than sex"?

English-only-readers are deprived that which is better than sex:

"When it comes to international literature, English readers are the worst-served in the Western world. Only 3% of the books published annually in America and Britain are translated from another language; fiction’s slice is less than 1%. This contrasts sharply with continental Europe: in France, 14% of books sold in 2008 were translations; in Germany, the figure was 8%, according to Literature Across Frontiers, a translation advocacy network. Yet the bias for English literature appears to be universal: two in three European translations are from English, and about 40% of all novels published in France." source: http://www.economist.com/blogs/prospero/2012/07/books-translation

In other words English-only-readers are missing on the action, because:

"Russian literature is better than sex." source: http://rbth.ru/articles/2012/06/25/a_russian_export_better_than_sex_and_more_valuable_than_oil_15958.html


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