Ditch TV, write a diary, become a writer.

"Children are completely entrapped by these mediums [TV]. They think and speak in the language propagated by them. It is because media does not give them the space to process independent thinking, it reflects in their decision making. ...

I feel children today are losing the intricacies of language. Their manner of expression has become very technical. Hence, they don’t have a sense of dialogue. Writing a diary gets one into a mode of introspection, which helps them to analyse the world around them.

Adolescence clouds the brain with confusions. It's also an age when children stand to learn a lot as their mind and a myriad of feelings are very active. This is when they also wish to express themselves independently. The personal space of a diary will offer them a chance for out-of-the-box thinking."

From: http://www.punemirror.in/article/62/20120630201206300851454874bbeb95d/Kids-need-to-break-away-from-SMS-and-Twitter-mode.html

I can't help but observe that I wrote and published my first novel only after ditching TV some 12 years ago...


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