They don't publish what they used to (but they still write them!)

"Novels of the earlier generations caused a stir, interested the minds of teenagers, and affected their beliefs and passions. Novels had an effect on the population and influenced their generation of readers. These days, novels cause gossip columns and new Halloween costumes. There is no emotional attachment; we don’t believe in the movement. [...]

Substance is the issue with our generation. What do our novels have to say? And more importantly, what are the readers getting out of them? What impact do they leave on our generation? Nothing of substance. Nothing to put these novels on shelves".

Source: http://hypervocal.com/culture/2011/has-our-generation-become-victims-of-the-unfortunate-evolution-of-literature/

Can't find what you'd like to read? Talk to publishers, they likely have these manuscripts colecting dust on their desks (slush pile) or, better yet, get them directly from authors.

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