Breaking Mews: Iran attacks (the publishing industry)

This just in: Iran floods the market with pirated books!

"In pirated books from Iran you can’t see pictures of men and women together, they separate them from each other. As for the women, you can only see the hands or feet of the women, not their faces. Women’s faces are blurred. Iranians don’t care for dogs and always replace photos of them with ones of cats. Not only the photos, but the actual word “dog” is exchanged in the text for those of other animals. If the text mentions the term girlfriend and boyfriend, they replace the terms with the word “friends” which significantly changes the meaning. You can still work with these books though, as they don’t change the grammar,"

Source: http://finchannel.com/Main_News/Geo/92466_Iran_Exporting_Pirated_English_Language_Books_to_Georgia/

Enough talk. Send in the troops.

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