Writing as therapy

With all possible therapies in vogue, we haven't bothered to focus on the very word- therapy. In fact, each city of this country should host a regular get- together of authors and poets and writers. Give it any name of your choice; after all what's in a name! ...

In fact, if diary - writing along the format of daily outpourings be made compulsory in hospitals, jails, wards cum asylums, refugee camps, night or day shelters, then those stress related symptoms would lessen. As writing along the offloading and unleashing format has that potential to heal. ...

...writing helped me to recover from a series of severe nervous breakdowns. ...'Each time my love affairs failed I suffered a nervous breakdown and the only 'thing' that helped me recover and brought about some relief was writing a novel... My meeting with Sigmund Freud just after the first nervous breakdown in 1927 helped me to some extent but its actually writing novels that helped me towards total recovery."

Other writers who were helped by writing:  http://www.kashmirtimes.com/newsdet.aspx?q=11202

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