Duller than a sword

There was a time when words were more potent than other man-made weapons: "*MARIO VARGAS LLOSA:* We were trained as writers with the idea that literature is something that can change reality, that it's not just a very sophisticated entertainment, but a way to act.  Today, these ideas have disappeared, practically, among the new generations. Now the young writers consider that it's too pretentious to think that literature can produce this kind of -- but then, when I was young, when I started to write, we were totally convinced that literature was a kind of weapon.  *JEFFREY BROWN:** *Do you still think that?  *MARIO VARGAS LLOSA:** *Let's say with less naivete, with less optimism back when I was young, but, still, I don't accept the idea that literature can be just entertainment and that there is no (INAUDIBLE) consequences of literature in the real world.  If this is true, I think it gives the writer a kind of responsibility that is not only literary, but also moral." More: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/entertainment/jan-june12/vargasllosa_06-01.html

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