How to satisfy every woman, over and over again, without Viagra

Below is a practical lesson in satisfying any and every woman, over and over again, as taught to spies by GRU (military intelligence). Here, an instructor, cryptonym Rasputin, teaches the adepts of the spy trade. A peasant woman is brought into class…
She is no beauty, as you can see, and she does not attract me in the least. But I am going to make love to her and make sure that she is richly satisfied. … I am still not in the least excited, although she is already naked and beside me. But obviously, I must become excited. Now, in case like this, it is best to look deeply in a woman's eyes, for it is surprising how the eyes of a woman are so seldom properly noticed and yet with their message, their desire of their challenge, they can, coupled with the contact of the flesh with the flesh, arouse a man. Once you have achieved a certain excitement and are in actual physical contact with a woman like this you must fill your mind with a vision of the most satisfying sexual experience you have ever had, one that you would like to repeat. Conversely, if the girl with whom you are lying does attract you but circumstances do not permit you to reach an orgasm, when you feel you are in danger of going too far, you must concentrate your mind on anything that repels you.

A witness recalls…
[...] then [Rasputin] started with a full use of primary and secondary zones of excitation to make love to the girl. She seemed to respond with an elephantine sluggishness, but then quite suddenly she arched her back, pressing the back of her head down into the divan, and cried out - a cry that any man will recognize. Soon she cried out again, and then she lay back relaxed and kissed Rasputin. In the course of the next eight hours we spent there, Rasputin took five women, and it was quite clear that each one was abundantly satisfied. He himself appeared no more tired than if he had spent a day at the beach.

The above is part of 2, of a previous post, and is published here in response to the recent sting operation known as honeytrap, where a US embassy employee was caught with a swallow (female agent who uses sex as a weapon).

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