Art of seduction and love

Here's a lesson in ars amandi.
Let a woman know that you love her, that you want her and are excited by her. But if you are unsuccessful in the sexual expression of your love, the more you love her personally without this cardinal success the more you arouse in her contempt and boredom. You become tedious and even hated, at best tolerated. But, be eminently successful  in satisfying a woman sexually and even if you do not love her, she will love you, and a woman's love  is more passionate and less selfish than a man's in all its manifestations... I am going to teach you how to produce this effect in women, in any woman, whether they attract you personally or not. Furthermore, I am going to show you how, with a little training, you can do this a number of times and be none the worse for it.

From GRU espionage training.

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