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This weekend marked the 18th anniversary of the event that inspired my latest novel: the assassination of the Jesuit scholars in El Salvador.

The murderers were graduates of the American School of Assassins at Fort Benning, and recipients of military aid aimed at terrorizing the civilian population.

Martyred Jesuits were the faculty of the Universidad Centroamericana in San Salvador. Their deaths brought to the world's attention the criminal activities of the US government: training of assassins and torturers that terrorize Latin America: from murdering, torturing, raping, and "disappearing" to staging coups - such as the overthrowing of Salvador Allende in Chile.

Lat weekend, over 11,000 protesters gathered outside of the Fort Benning were murderers are trained courtesy of US taxpayer. Among the protesters was Dennis Kucinich, Jesuits, students, families of the murdered and disappeared, and scores of people of conscience. Vigils in support of the protest were staged across America.

Jesuits murdered 18 years ago:


Fr Ignacio Ellacuría Beascoechea (1930-1989)

Lopez Quintana

Fr Amando López Quintana (1936-1989)

Lopez y Lopez

Fr Joaquín López y López (1918-1989)


Fr Ignacio Martín Baró (1942-1989)

Segundo Montes

Fr Segundo Montes Mozo (1933-1989)

Moreno Pardo

Fr Juan Ramón Moreno Pardo (1933-1989)

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