Who REALLY wrote Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

I haven't read any of the Harry Potter books, but E, who read each book 2 or 3 times and in at least 2 languages says that the last book (7th, is it?) is so unsatisfying that she thinks she might have purchased a fake copy...

She went to the bookstore to find out (after having heard on the radio that the novel should be 764 pages long while hers is 670 or thereabouts.)

All books in the bookstore were the same and this got E to think that:

  • perhaps this was just a joke to get everybody talking and the REAL edition of the 7th Harry Potter is still coming


  • perhaps the book was not written by JK Rowling at all... E says it did not have the depth of the previous books and it did not add anything new.

Now, E wants to know: Who REALLY wrote the last installment of Harry Potter?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Reading Harry Potter at sunset

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  1. Well.. if J.K Rowling didnt write it that would surely let down all her fans. I havent read the 7th yet, but well.. let's see what happens..

    Interestin post.. I guess u like reading.. I invite u to my blog....

  2. I agree, the writing style was the same as JK, but the story telling was different. There was nothing new, no depth, and parts of the book seemed rushed. Not trying to spoil any details, but some of the important aspects of the previous stories contradicted, i.e. in HP4 GOF, the imposter Mad Eye Moody was able to see through Harry's invisibility cloak, yet in HP7 DH they the story says that Harry's cloak was special and would completely conceal the Harry, and no magic would be able to expose him. At the end of HP6 HBP, Snape stresses that Harry needs to control his emotions and close his mind, yet he really does neither in HP7. In fact he keeps entering into Voldimort’s mind. It make little difference in the story. The Malfoys seemed different, the Dursely’s seemed different, and Voldimort seemed different. The story seemed sloppy by JK standards. The chapters came across overly cheesy, Neville and Percy involved areas. I am still trying to figure out the significants of Harry's green eyes, and how he can resist the imperious curse. The amount of Unforgivable curses by everyone in this story was odd. Harry's jump to imperious people seemed disconcerting. These are only a few of the things I have found so far. I think that there were many edits not by JK, or someone else wrote most of the book.

  3. You guys are crazy if you think that J.K. Rowling didn't write those books! It was the same type of writing style as the other books. And why the heck would she purchase it from someone instead of writing it herself? You people are really crazy.

  4. I think you guys are crazy. this is an amazing book and if I were to think JK didnt write this i would get myself tested for all the known mental problems.

  5. I really hope it's not a fake,I love them books.I agree it was not the same as the others,didn't seem to have much thought put into it at times.I don't know I love the books and if it gets people reading . . . .

  6. I completely agree... I was sorely disappointed and would not be surprized if the real book came out a few years from now.

    How convenient Hermione's bag can hold the entire library of books, and a tent with full cooking utensils. What next? harry kisses a magic frog that turns into a prince? Honestly

    Percy in two lines is back with the family? Neville is a strong competent leader of the resistance?

    Actually maybe hoping that HP7 is a fake means that there is one more coming. The real one.

  7. This is the real. And i love it!

  8. this was an amazing book why on earth would j.k. get all her fans hopes up and it be fake she is not that kind of woman she is amazing and so is this book so if you think for one moment that it is fake you are a ruddy git (in Ron's words)this is as real as it gets and i for one am proud of j.k for what an outstanding job she did on these epic tales if you think she did so bad on this last book why don't you try to make up an adventurous novel like harry potter plus 6 sequels and then see what people say about your story's if they are perfect then you can come back here and trash j.k. but until then keep your opinions to a minimum at least when your around me

  9. Your dumb !! J.K Rowling wrote the book, as for Hermione's bag its called MAGIC you dipshits , Neville.. you could see that coming ever since the first book, especially since the 5 book, where you find out that the chosen one could have been Neville , But as for the bit about the invisibility cloak, I agree with that, it says his cloak is special, but Mad Eye Moody can see through it with his magical eye.

  10. And if you're so smart how come you don't know how to spell VOLDEMORT !!!! ( I have read the series over 25 times !)

  11. hey! come on guys! its true that certain things in the seventh book contradict the story written by her earlier but man any1 can make mistakes!!! and she HAD to take the story somehwere! she is also human! she could have probably forgotten abt mad eye seeing thru the cloak and stuff. n dnt hav a doubt abt it being the original coz it IS the original! You cant alwaz expect a cricket batsmen to make a century in all his one day matches! same way even j.k can fall from her standards at times n we hav to put up wid it!

  12. whoever thinks J.k. Rowling didn't write it must be mentally unstable I mean she's written so many other amazing books what makes you think she wouldn't want to write the fourth one on her own and anyway it was amazing.

  13. Dang I meant the seventh I was way to emotionally caught up in this argument...

  14. Why would you even THINK that JKR did not write this book!?! You are shaming the name of this amazing series by suggesting such a thing!! The epic tale of Harry Potter has been written into literature classes on the colledge level!! How stupid are you to think that there "was no depth" or that the "chapters were rushed"!!??!?!?! Who gives a S**T if the chapters are rushed!?! I certainly don't!!! JKR has proved herself to be on the same level as greats such as Steinbeck and Shakespeare!!! Who are you as lowly readers to criticize her!??!? Shame on you all for suggesting that JKR didn't actually write it!!

  15. Stupid idiots!!!

  16. why would you add something new when you are trying to wrap the whole thing up? could you come up with something that was so successful? instead of critizing someone with an incredible imagination and excellent resources at her fingertips, why don't you produce something this great? It may prove to be a better use of your time. By the way, there were many new things in the book, like, um, the DEATHLY HALLOWS for one (unbelievable).

  17. suzette, my question to you is this: if a family member of yours left the family for reasons you just couldn't fathom and a terrible catastrophe occured, you would give them hell to the nth degree instead of opening your heart and letting the past be - past (yeah, that's it). The time for questioning would come later. I happen to have had a family member come back to us after a 3 year absence. How dare I not welcome them (and their precious children) back unconditionally. If that's what you think life is - you have a long lonely road ahead.

  18. sorry - my bad

    That was for Elizabeth!

  19. It is different but it isn't... JK only had so many pages to rap up the story of her life time. If you have read all the Harry Potters then this all makes sense in 7. She could have wrote Harry Potter books forever. I have faith that her next series will be just as entertaining. Besides we have already been introduced to the new generation. Alot of the doubts could be simply that you don't want it to end. I understand that but give the woman her due.. she wrote a whale of a tale.

  20. U're just jealous.Joanne is an awesome author and always will B.How wud you feel if some1 wrote something like that about U??!-and i did hear she might write an 8th book-but that's no reason tu B so mean!! >:( and by the way, U have way more comments like this than 1s that agree with U >:P
    FILTHY OLD HYPOCRITE!! (in Joanne's(JK's)words)
    Most sincerely,
    JK Rowling and Harry Potter's #1 fan
    P.S. Why is your friend named E?!?!

  21. i ment most UNsincerely.

  22. if E'S the 1 who red the buk, and this is HER opinion, then Y doesn't SHE write it?!?! Huh?!?! Huh?!?! (if E is a she)
    With love, (or mabye not)
    (Harry Potter-and JKR-'s biggest fan)

  23. (by it I ment your blog)
    TAKE THAT!!!>:(
    (I'll try to shut up now)

  24. i reread your blog and realized E was a she. im sorry.
    but remember; treat your neighbors as you want to be treated is one of the most important commandments.
    SO SHUT UP!!>:( (i will too)

  25. moony D.R. fan19 May 2008 at 13:39

    if all you all are her real fans then have u ever sent her a letter and got a reply back ever meet her huh huh

  26. moony D.R. fan19 May 2008 at 13:41

    real fans wopuld have suck by her from the begining till the end
    oh ya im sorry about the other comment above this 1

  27. Harry Potter Lover22 May 2008 at 17:28

    The 7th book is AWESOME!!!

  28. So she made a mistake, it's this thing that humans do and doubting JK is a total mistake on your behalf
    it had plenty of depth and i think your just mental.
    And but E (why E?) is entitleed to her opinion about the books so perhaps she just expected to much for JK
    I'd like to see you do better
    and the rumours about an 8th book, untrue.

  29. Okay I've just about had it with this harry potter contraversy crap.... dont get me wrong i loved the books and the movies. As I did when I read them as a child more than 20 years ago. Here is the truth believe it or not. The harry potter books were written by teams of writers and kids in scholastic book clubs (or at the very least molded by them). Of which I was one of many (and i will swear that on any bible in any court). They do this to develop the books, get feedback, weed out mistakes (like in lord of the rings and dune) and give it depth. We we're all sworn to secrecy and all materials had to be returned before we'ld get new segments of materials. The final book may not be well accepted though since there were multiple endings given to different groups and got very disorganized at the end. I kept the last segment btw and will be heading back to my parents house this summer to tear it apart and try and find it. I will also be starting a blog shortly to detail this info. Not for the money, though that would be nice. It really irks me that this whole phenomenon is being taken credit for by the wrong person(s). And the tons of kids like myself (then) and others that spent hours upon hours reading it giving our opinions doing workbooks dont get a so much as that was pretty cool. BTW the original owner of "muggle" as a copywright was not scholastic (look it up). And the fine writer lost its rights in a huge lawsuit with scholastic.
    MOST IMPORTANTLY IM LOOKING FOR OTHER KIDS BACK THEN THAT WERE PART OF THIS AND REMEMBER IT. Here is my email and dont try and BS me because i have a list of questions that only someone in the book clubs would know or remember. sdratt@crownits.com

    My appologies for rambling on this blog and thank you for letting me post.

    Also btw most of the stories are based on old myths and legends and we're reworked for our times. I noticed a couple of bloggers that caught this...in there predictions.
    Also...both myself and a friend had different endings in our books. I hated mine but my friends was pretty cool because it really didnt end. They said they left it open for what i understand now as spinoffs. but for the most part his was a nice ending.
    Again I mean no disrepect here. Im not as hardcore a fan as to have read the books over and over (though it was a blast working on it as a kid and they did respect our oppinions). I did see the movies multiple times as im in the movie industry though more music than movies.

  30. Also btw,
    The audio book is quite nice to fall asleep to. And has some quite interesting credits at the end.
    As with any great series. Some may need to taper off (though i guarantee there will be more hp coming, i read way to many after event stuff for it not to be published, though some of the writtings ive found on the web are pretty bizzare, and arent it so far)...robert asprin is a fine author for this with his myth series and others as well if you havent read them yet...there are many others as well. But his stuff weeds out alot of rubbish and reads smoothly as he was an excellent editor for thieves world, also worth a read if you enjoy sf. Spiders (robinson) not bad as well ... and there are many others...but asprins my fav.
    b well all ... n thnx spy for letting me post.

  31. btw spy....ya look relaxed in the pic. reminds me of my family place in Hi.
    b well n again thx

  32. how is it rushed if the book consists of 764 pgs... Anymore details and we would need a 2 part book.

  33. every1 xpectd a long dueling in da last.. me thought voldemort woz lil mo wise.. me overestimated him.. sum odd @ da end 2oo ron n' hermoine going 2 da chamber of secrets.. ron emitating parcel tongue.. hw did dey climb bak frm da chamber.. last tyme da peonix carried ron harry ginny n' lockhart bak frm da chamber.. da daidem of ravenclaw hidden by voldemort in da room of requirement felt bit poor.. i xpected a mor secret n' protected place..

    n' cursed fire of crab ya goyle destroying da horcrux in da room of requirment..
    bit odd..

  34. You Are All Such Weirdos For Thinking That J.K.Rowling Did Not Write The Last Book.
    1.It Was Written In The Same Style As The Others.
    2.Someone Must Have Checked That It Was Really Her Writing It.

    I Thought That The Last Book Was Incredibly Thrilling, I Don't Believe Fo One Minute Your Incredibly Stupid Theory.


  35. The book was rushed becuase J.K. wanted to cram as much in as she could - and I'm glad she did. What about the depth she put into Voldermort's story? the part in King's Cross, when Ron leaves them, and when he comes back, and when Harry says "Voldermort" and the Snatchers come to take them to Malfoy Manor? if that wasn't tense ... nothing is.

  36. HAAAAA you serious? 'corse you are ;)

  37. The ones who say she didn't wrote it give arguments,
    the ones who say she did only whine.
    Most asked question by the latter group is why,
    the answer to that is MONEY.
    J.K. doesn't own the rights, the publisher does and he gets to choose which version he wants to print.
    I downloaded DH and thought as I started to read it:
    'damn, another fanfic writer who made it look like real'
    When the official book was released I discovered that the 'fanfic' I had for weeks and had tossed aside was indeed the same as the official 7th book.
    There are so many mistakes in DH, I could write a book about them. I'll give a few of them.
    1: Hermione modified her parents memory, very advanced magic that can go very wrong, later she says she doesn't know how to do that.
    2: Harry apparates without a licence, if anything would be registred by the ministry...
    while keeping track of each and every apparation, knowing who is apparating from where to where?????
    every death-eater (or Sirius) would be found fast and easely.
    3: If one cast a unforgivable without a 'evil' mindset it won't work, it'll just blast the target away. (Harry tried to do crucio on Bellatrix) If the 'Avada kedavra'is cast with the 'evil' mindset there is a flash and the rushing sound but, nothing happens to the target except that it dies. Dumbledore was 'blasted' from the tower.
    4: Death-eaters know when and where someone speaks the word 'Voldemort'... really???
    (sounds like 'Gods' knowing when their name will be spoken in 'Dungeons and Dragons' (from Wizards of the Coast))
    I read books 1 to 6 just before I started at 7 and experienced a totally different writing and story telling style.
    Congratulating J.K. on writing DH is in my opinion an insult to her writing capabilities.

    (sorry for any gramar typos, English isn't my mother's language)

  38. u guys r crazy cauz all the harry potter books are with the same name jk rowling and all chanels say that not only me

  39. Hi I am fan of harry potter and I am having all the seven parts of his book.I love to read.

  40. Hi I am the fan of harry potter and I am having all the seven parts of his book.I love to read his book. I like all the parts in that My favorite part is "Goblet of fire". Harry what is your real name? Where are you living?

  41. Absoulotly J.K Rowling has written the last Harry Potter!
    Don't be stupied!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. How convenient Hermione’s bag can hold the entire library of books, and a tent with full cooking utensils. //// are you totally stupid this bok is about magic!! HELLO the tent in the fourth book is the same...you need to read it again if you are thinkig all this shit....and if it bothers you that much well just fuck off and dont ruin it for other people you idiotic crap!!!

  43. i think the 7th book was the 2nd best & i am a die hard fan of both the books and movie i amto harry potter like trekkis are to star trek

  44. also id like to comment on "freds" comment.. in point 2 if ur askin why the death eaters were never caught whilst appairating its cuz they had already infiltraited the ministry, & in point 3 dumbledore was blasted because snape killed him, it was preplanned by dumbledor himself so there was no evil mindset via snape which is why he was "blasted" and not just killed instantly.

  45. also id like to comment on “freds” comment.. in point 2 if ur askin why the death eaters were never caught whilst appairating its cuz they had already infiltraited the ministry, & in point 3 dumbledore was blasted because snape killed him, it was preplanned by dumbledor himself so there was no evil mindset via snape which is why he was “blasted” and not just killed instantly.

  46. i think JK wrote DH but if other people don't that is entirely your opinion - i would like to add something to this though.
    with regards to Harry's invisitbility cloak - yes Mad Eye Moody could see through it, but in DH when they say it is special and no magic can expose him Mad Eye Moody had already died, so at that time no magic could expose him.

    As for Hermione's bag - she put a charm on it, like the tent in GOF and DH.

    In DH the name "Voldemert" has been taboo'd - meaning that some sort of Magic has been performed to make it trackable.

    LOL this argument is sooo funny!

  47. Wow, you guys are crazy! The books were well written. I've read them over and over and of course the last story was different, how could it not be? They aren't in Hogwarts anymore. The 7th book was not only about the ending battle, but also about the characters finding out more about themselves. Their experiences that year changed who they were into who they became. I loved how Nevil became the leader of those at Hogwarts, and it makes sense since he is tied the same prophcey as Harry. The only thing I didn't like was the loss of people. Then again war isn't nice is it? I also loved about how smart Harry became but then again you sorta saw it coming. I enjoyed how everything was wrapped up nicely. It was definitly well written.

  48. It only seems different because there was MUCH IMPROVEMENT in it! Duh! And of course, there was also the help from the editor, that's why. It took JK Rowling a long period of time to finish off the series, so there should really be some changes to happen.

  49. Wtf? I really despair to understand how you did not enjoy the book. It was brilliant, my favourite of all the series, and sufficiently in depth for understanding and interesting, but not so tedious that it became boring. Besides, the details that were included in the past books were HINTS TO THE FUTURE! Little teasers and things, but you can't have them in the end! Gawsh. xD

  50. You are "ruddy gits" like someone else says, Also the lie that a bunch of people writes HP is just that a lie. Jo says so herself on her website.
    1) Hermione modified her parents memory, very advanced magic that can go very wrong, later she says she doesn’t know how to do that. (well would you be able to do it in a rush?)
    2) well there might be a loophole for all we know
    3) Harry had to go to extreme mesaures to get into Grinngotts-you would too.
    4) like someone said his name was Taboo.

    Its written by the same person.

    The point of Harry's eyes is the fact that Snape loved Lilly (who has the green eyes) and was jealous that James Potter got her.

  51. I read through each of the books in order and all at once for the first time after the last was published. A friend loaned them to me. I like reading through entire series like this as it's always interesting to note how the author's voice is consistent throughout. You get a feel for how they word things and the rhythm of their prose. After reading through all the Potter books, I noted two things. First the writing on the first was horrible, the second was better and the third better still. Secondly, the improvement stopped after the third book...every book after was consistently the same as if it had been cranked out on an assembly line and from the third onward it lacked something the first two had.
    Only observations...interpret them as you will.

  52. You're unquestionably correct on this writing!!!