Worst part of writing a novel

Some writers say the hardest part of writing a novel is starting it.

Not for me.

I do not start until the words, the plot, the characters, all that amounts to a book begins to spill over and cannot be contained.

Starting is easy: I have no choice but to write, I cannot stop it, and so it goes - first draft, second, third and so on. Then comes the point when the creative work is over. At that point I find that all I do is the technical, the polishing, the mundane. That's when I get tired of the novel. That's when I just want to throw it to hell, or I wish it was a team work - one person for the creative part and another to polish it, to bring it to that publishable state.

I think my second novel could use that extra once over, my editor seems to agree, but I am just so tired of it. I don't want to go back to it. I should. I will, but not until the current (3rd) novel is finished.

I have two mundane tasks ahead of me: polishing Novel Nr 2 and Novel Nr 3.



  1. I feel the same way - the beginning is easy. It's the stuff that comes next that's hard. Obviously, though, you know what you're doing because I see you have had publishing success - something I am currently dreaming of...

    Best of luck to you with your polishing.

  2. I have an agent. Where were you when I needed one specializing in Thrillers?