Literature irrigates the desert of life

"Literature adds to reality, enriches necessary competences that daily life provides and it irrigates the deserts that our life has already become.

...the importance of reading should not be abandoned. Reading novels, magazines and other literary work gives you a broader perspective of viewing things, improves skill, instills knowledge and makes you aware of different facets of life. Reading is a tonic for enhancing your creativity, resounding motivation and the finest form of information base. It lays the foundation of an enriched life and adds ‘life’ to the ‘living'".

From: http://www.khaleejtimes.com/kt-letter-display.asp?xfile=data/letters/2013/August/letters_August66.xml&section=letters

Books by SpyWriter Jack King:
Agents of Change, WikiJustice, The Black Vault, and The Fifth Internationale.


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