Books: Don't mix Work with Pleasure

"Stories are crucial in our lives; we communicate with others using stories all the time. They're what we tell others about ourselves. They teach us how different people handle different circumstances."

"When a parent reads to a child, it is an intimate experience involving a strong emotion" ... "many educated parents are keen to read to their children. However, they tend to force the habit or use it to teach - or sometimes test - the child's English vocabulary."

"This may not be the most ideal and effective strategy to foster a love for reading."

"Experts have agreed that reading for pleasure and for its own sake is the most beneficial for children... If you want your child to be a successful reader, you should read to them for pleasure. Let the school do the teaching. It should be pure pleasure when you and your child read together. You can laugh over a story or cry over it together."

"Another golden rule for parents is to allow their children the freedom to choose books that interest them."

"The worst thing a parent can do is to be critical of a book which means a lot to the child."

"It's OK to let children read a book they love again and again. The important thing is they're free to choose their own books." For children who are not keen readers, it helps to find out what sparks their imagination and use that as a motivation."

FROM: http://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/family-education/article/1226031/how-parents-can-inspire-love-books-among-children

Read for Pleasure:

WikiJustice, by Jack King

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