Writers do it

Margaret Atwood did it.
Edgar Rice Burrows did it.
Willa Cather did it.
Joseph Conrad did it.
Alexandre Dumas did it.
T. S. Eliot did it.
Nathaniel Hawthorne did it.
Ernest Hemingway did it.
James Joyce did it.
Rudyard Kipling did it.
D. H. Lawrence did it.
Anais Nin did it.
Edgar Allan Poe did it.
Ezra Pound did it.
Marcel Proust did it.
Beatrice Potter did it.
James Redfield did it.
George Bernard Shaw did it.
Upton Sinclair did it.
Gertrude Stein did it.
Henry David Thoreau did it.
Leo Tolstoy did it.
Mark Twain did it.
Walt Whitman did it.
Virginia Woolf did it.

You, too, can self-publish your book.

But you do not have to. Perhaps you cannot be bothered, and prefer someone else do it for you? You can find a publisher, even in this rough time for the industry. In order to stand out from the crowd of faceless writers vying for the attention of publishers you have to approach it just right. You can do it. You can find a publisher:

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