The Urban Literary Dictionary

"*Hemingway (v.):* Writing a paper under the influence of alcohol, like noted author Ernest Hemingway. Ex: It's due tomorrow. I totally have to hemingway that term paper tonight.

*Faulkner: *To go from being a nerd to getting all the hot girls.

*Tolstoy:* To make significantly longer than is necessary to convey the relevant message; derived from Leo Tolstoy, whose classic literature is quite long and wordy 
Ex: Hey man, I just asked for a light, not your life story. You didn't have to Tolstoy me.

*Dostoyevsky: *A favored author of hipsters and other assorted pseudo-intellectuals, most of whom have never actually read a word he wrote (outside of possibly a synopsis from sparknotes.com), but being ever hip as they are, understand how important it is to have the memorization of names of 19th century Russian authors down to a science.

*Zola:* The act of simultaneously spamming multiple chat channels with a greeting in order to make them blink or ping."

More: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/pageviews/2012/03/going-on-a-hemingway-the-urban-dictionary-history-of-western-literature

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