A Stasi informant in every family


"This week, the commission for the Stasi files will publish a handbook on the HVA, the Stasi branch that handled foreign intelligence and was run by legendary spymaster Markus Wolf. The book offers new insight into the Stasi's work in West Germany, making clear for the first time just how purposefully and extensively the East German intelligence service had West German politics and society in its sights.

It's now possible to reconstruct in unprecedented detail where and how the Stasi cast its nets. The organization had 149 informants active just in Bonn, the former West German capital. There were 542 in West Berlin.

It seems the HVA recruited most of these spies from industrial sectors, as a way of obtaining Western technological knowledge. It also maintained excellent connections in the center-left Social Democratic Party, where 78 unofficial collaborators and other contacts kept East Berlin up to date, 13 of them serving as sources of information on activities within the party's executive committee. The Stasi was also well informed on internal matters in unions, churches and universities."

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  1. The Stasi was the tool of the ruling bureaucracy. Stalinists and anticommunists called the Stasi a tool of ''socialism'' a fucking lie! The Ministry for State Security ( Stasi ) was part of a conservative stalinist government. Workers were victims of the Stasi, they did not controlled it. Genuine socialists were hunted down and silenced, all were who criticized the government.

    Never was the German ''Democratic'' Republic a tool of workers. It was a totalitarian stalinist state, ruled by fear and lies. That is why the workers rose up in 1953. They knew what many capitalists and stalinists don't want you to know; ''that fact that East Germany was no socialist workers state''