Watching and listening to books

From embedded video, to sound effects, the future of the book has less and less to do with reading:

"[...] publishers are now producing the first “enhanced e-books”, where soundtracks are provided along with the text. The first one, The Adventures of the Speckled Band, a Sherlock Holmes story, came out last week, complete with driving rain, thunderclaps and blood-curdling screams.

Perhaps the most powerful advantage a book has over any other medium is in sparking and expanding the imagination. When you read, you fill in the gaps – your own internal soundtrack, how things look, how the emotions feel. Soundtracks are that much more prescriptive and precise, with little room left for your brain to improvise. Your own inner version of a scream may be that much more blood-curdling than the one laid down in the sound studio."

From: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/culture/harrymount/100055724/god-save-us-from-books-with-soundtracks/

Makes me glad that my ereader has volume control that goes all the way down to 0.

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