Operation Windsor

"Secret documents declassified Friday by Britain's MI5 security service reveal in dramatic and everyday detail how the U.K. under Prime Minister Winston Churchill overthrew the elected government of British Guiana — now Guyana — because he feared its left-wing leader and his American wife were leading the British colony into the arms of the Soviet Union.

The documents reveal how British spies kept up intense scrutiny on Cheddi and Janet Jagan, who founded the People's Progressive Party to campaign for workers' rights and independence from British rule for the sugar-producing colony in northern South America. [...]

After the party won a huge majority in British Guiana's 1953 election, making Cheddi Jagan prime minister, Churchill decided to act.

"We ought surely to get American support in doing all that we can to break the Communist teeth in British Guiana," Churchill wrote to his colonial secretary.

In the end, Britain acted alone, mounting a military operation code-named Operation Windsor. Churchill dispatched a warship, HMS Superb, and brought hundreds of troops by air and sea to secure key sites.

On Oct. 9, Britain suspended Guyana's constitution, fired its legislators and arrested the Jagans."

From: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gPvzqBPqgNbtyhk901ZEM6oYbcsg

In other words nothing changed over the decades and the Empires employ same tactics when their interests are threatened.

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  1. World war 2 could have ended years earlier / the germans
    knew with the USA entry it was all but over // thus wanted a
    surrender / which doing would have saved thousands upon
    thousands of lifes / prevented appalling levels of destruction

    The american govt said NO NO NO ..// the war in lifting them
    from a period of unemployment / a long period of depression
    t'was also giving a USA administration a platform to put itself
    as the worlds saviour /in fighting all evils / the protector of all
    nations / a defender of democracy / the defender of freedom.

    Alas the reality / the behaviour of a USA // has been shocking
    the plight of the palestinian people best summing up the USA
    much talk of freedom / democracy / justice // but little showing
    little practice of such // throughout the world having left a trail
    of death / injustice / destruction / banking fraud / & corruption.