How do you read?

An interesting survey from China:

"A growing number of Chinese people have turned to digital reading, a trend insiders said will greatly improve the quality of literature.

Some 23 percent of respondents read books via mobile phones, 3.9 via e-book readers, 18 percent on the Internet, 2.6 percent by PDA (personal digital assistant)/MP4/electronic dictionaries", 52 in traditional paper format.

As the following graphic shows, at 16.8 minutes / day books fair quite well considering the fierce competition.

One peculiar comment from the director of the Academy of Press and Publication raises eyebrows: "E-books are a good rival to printed books and magazines. They can force traditional publications to produce even better quality works of literature." As though e-books are somehow different from printed editions! Of course it is something a "traditional", as in "paper publisher" would say. The only thing that differs is the method of delivery.

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