Nude and erect

In the interest of good physical condition I like to write while standing up. Those several daily hours spent on my feet (instead of on the couch) make the difference: I'm in pretty good shape, as my neighbors can attest to since I write in the nude. My ideal workplace is the veranda, overlooking the lake, exposed to that gently massaging north-west wind.

Friends usually spin their noses when I share the secrets of my writing. So, I did some research and turns out that I am not the only author who writes in the nude and on his feet. Other writers also chose the vertical position, and without the mask that are the clothes:

Victor Hugo was lazy and did not like to write. In order to force himself to work he directed his valet to take away his clothes and not give them back until he finished his daily dose, writing naked, and often on his feet.

Edmond Rostand was bothered by frequent visitors. He did not like to be disturbed, and to free himself from guests he wrote in a bathtub.

Ernest Hemingway wrote standing up, naked, with the typewriter set at a height of his waist.

D.H. Lawrence liked to climb the mulberry tree outside his window, wearing nothing but his skin, and took to writing after the descent.

The poet James Riley Withcomb enjoyed alcohol. Too much. To reduce the consumption he used to shut himself up in a hotel room, naked, in order not go to the bar.


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  1. have been trying to find a publisher. i write short stories about people and sex. some say it to hot to be published but i would like to try can u help me. i have been writing stroies like this for maybe 10 or so years........