Writers contribute to nation building

"I know that there are other [literary] prizes that are not worth their hype, in fact they corrupt the society. Those that are based on merit should be encouraged because what they do is encourage [and] recognise the effort and excellence of their recipients and fire them [up] to do more. But if there is any writer that allows his or herself to be conditioned or compromised by some kind of literary prize or awards, such writer is not worthy [of being] called a writer because, a writer should be an independent, conscientious and upright person. [...]

A writer is a social critic who all his/her life has been trying to rebrand his/her country. Though you don't call it that big name or go about telling people that is what you are doing, but when you are talking about corruption and other social ills, condemning and proffering solution for a better society, what you are doing invariably is contributing to nation building."
Chukwuemeka Ike (SOURCE)

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