The CIA - what exactly does it do

Ever wondered what the Central Intelligence Agency actually does? In the words of the accomplished CIA officer Philip Agee:

The CIA, after all, is nothing more than the secret police of American capitalism, plugging up leaks in the political dam night and day so that shareholders of US companies operating in poor countries can continue enjoying the rip-off. The key to CIA success is the 2 or 3 percent of the population in poor countries that get most of the cream, while the marginalized 50, 60 or 70 percent are getting a lesser share. Philip Agee in CIA DIARY.

Secret police is secret police regardless of the acronym it uses, which suggests that one may substitute the "CIA" for any country’s intelligence agencies / secret police, and to the poor of other countries one may add the struggling masses of one’s own compatriots. If one does it one shall see what one’s sweat-and-blood-drenched taxes are paying for: one’s own enslavement. But one should not despair, not everything is so gloom and doom: one gets a break now and then – some of the secret police funds come from black operations, the drug smuggling and weapons sales that would embarrass one’s high and mighty rulers if the truth became known.

I’m kidding of course - no amount of filth and lies will embarrass a politician.

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