What is a False Flag Operation

"History shows that more than once social unity has been promoted by the presence, real or alleged, of some hostile group. It has long been a part of the technique of politicians who wish to maintain themselves in power to foster the idea that the alternative is the danger of being conquered by an enemy." John Dewey in Freedom and Culture

On August 31st 1939 a group of German Nazi soldiers dressed in uniforms of the Polish Army launched an attack on German border guards.

On September 1st 1939 Adolf Hitler had "no choice" but to retaliate by invading Poland.

All that was needed to start the WWII was a group of hostile armed men. This type of operation is called a False Flag Operation.

The armed Germans who attacked their own post, and were dressed in Polish army uniforms, were actually Nazi SS commandos taking part in Operation Himmler.

It history's most bloody False Flag Operation, giving a pretext to launch WWII which claimed some 55-60 million lives.

What exactly is a False Flag Operation? It's an operation where one group impersonates another, belonging to a different camp, often the opposing camp. The aim of a False Flag Operation is provocation, or a pretext needed to further one's own agenda.

An example of a False Flag Operation will be featured in my novel  THE BLACK VAULT.

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