Conspiracy theory feedlot

Every conspiracy theory buff knows about the Carlyle Group. Basically, it is not a nice creature.

From the disinformation encyclopedia - WikiPedia:

Critics of the Carlyle Group frequently note its connections to various political figures. Some of the sectors and companies in which it invests are highly sensitive to political activity; indeed, its actions may be viewed as a form of political arbitrage. This may create conflicts of interest when political decision makers have their own personal wealth linked to such investments. Carlyle is the largest private equity firm located in Washington, D.C. - its corporate headquarters are located on Pennsylvania Avenue. Some have also linked Carlyle to some of lesser-known companies that have been linked to US Intelligence, such as Centre Analytics and In-Q-Tel.


Carlyle acquired United Defense Industries in October 1997, bringing in over 60% of Carlyle's defense business.

Well. Listen to this now:

David Rubenstein, co-founder and president of The Carlyle Group, has bought at auction a 710-year old copy of the Magna Carta. He paid $21.3 million for it.

Word has it the the Carlyle Group holds major investments in shredder manufacturing business...

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