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Jake Elwell, formerly of Wieser and Elwell, moved to Harold Ober Literary Agency.

This makes Harold Ober yet another agency representing thrillers / mystery / suspense / espionage. (CLICK TO SEE HUNDREDS MORE)

Sometimes you only get one chance, so be VERY careful before you approach an agent or an editor, do not make the same mistakes I made when I tried to publish my first novel. Learn from my mistakes and become a published author!



  1. I have two novels, completed and edited by Bill Hoffman, noted non-fiction author. My books are of the mystery/suspense genre and according to Hoffman and a few agents interested enough to comment, are well writen, intriguing and have unusual revelations and resolutions. I know they are good reads and only need a willing agent to champion them. My friend, author Jeff Deaver, says my manuscripts will land on the right desk of the right agent at the right time. Hope he's right! If you might be interested I can send material. I'm 77, which doesn't pull any weight, but makes me even more anxious to get published.
    thanks for listening.
    dick moomey

  2. I have written five legal thrillers in a series (four are self-published). The fifth novel is in the "query" process. Any recommendations for finding an agent (I was most unsuccessful the last four times), or should I pursue publishers directly.

    Thanks for your time.



    Hi, Maureen.
    As you can see from my query statistics page ( http://www.spywriter.com/getpublished.html ) I too had quite the ride trying to find an agent, but ended up selling directly to publisher. What can I say? Give yourself a deadline by which if you do not find an agent say enough and go directly after publishers. I have a listing of genre publishers specializing in thrillers, suspense, mysteries, etc. here: http://www.spywriter.com/publishers.html
    Good luck!

  3. I have three mystery suspence novels finished and ready for representation. Contact me if you'd like to read one

  4. Does anyone know of any agents or publishers who might be interested in a suspense novel set in Antarctica?

  5. I have written a thriller novel of suspense, intrigue, passion and revenge. A fast paced story set in the US and the UK. A page turner that keeps the reader in tenterhooks till the last chapter. Events begin in Chicago to New Orleans, then to London and Isle of Man, Then New York to Victoria in Mahe in the archipelagoes of Seychelles with well crafted characters and breath taking events that unford in the most unexpected way.
    I am therefore looking for a purely traditional thriller publisher or an agent to represent my work.
    If you are an interested agent or publisher, please contact me via the below email;

  6. Hello!
    My Dad is a former KGB spy and defected I'm guessing sometime in the 1990's ... I am 24 years old now. I can tell you this because everything has been reconciled and it's safe to speak about now It's a unique story - to make my point, he was number 1 on FBI's most wanted list for a while, while we were in the US when I was a child. He is still alive, in his early 60's now and sharp as ever with IMPECCABLE memory - in great health. HOWEVER, he keeps telling me he doesn't 'have time' to look for someone interested in helping him write this book about his life or to write it. I think regardless of recognition or $, the book needs to be written. Any useful information you could pass over to me?

    Chelsea Ot.

  7. Chelsea, contact editors, or literary agents, starting with those who publish, or represent, similar non-fiction books, and together with you they will try to convince your grandfather to tell his story to a ghost writer.
    Start here: http://www.spywriter.com/publishers.html