Home made walnut liquor

Today we opened the first bottle of walnut liquor we made in July last year.

Wow! This is easily one of the best alcohols I've tasted in a long time.

It is said that walnut liquor is a miracle cure for heartburn and stomach pains caused by heavy meals. It was used for such medicinal purposes in ancient Poland.

Here's how we made it:

  1. 5 walnuts (must be still soft - before they ripen and turn hard)

  2. 1L of good quality vodka (45%)

  3. 1 tsp of sugar (optional)

  • Add finely sliced walnuts to vodka. Cork and place aside in a dark place for about 5 weeks.

  • You will notice that alcohol changed color to brown or dark brown.

  • Pour alcohol through cheesecloth (or a paper coffee filter) to a separate bottle and cork it, leaving behind just enough to keep walnuts covered.

  • Sprinkle walnuts with sugar and set aside for about 3 weeks. The result will be sweet syrup. Pour it through cheesecloth (or a paper coffee filter) to previously placed aside alcohol and stir.

  • If color is very dark, add more alcohol until it turns nice amber (tastes better.)

  • Cork and place in a dark place for 6 months or more. They say 1 year walnut liquor is best - I'll let you know when my second bottle is opened.



  1. Hi There,

    I've been thinking of making a infusion like this. My goal is to use it to flavor baked good as well as drinking. Do you peel or shell the walnuts before slicing? No mention seems to be made of it in my roamings.



    JK REPLY: Hi Nate, Walnuts must be picked before they ripen (June/July) because as they age they become less juicy and juice is what you're after. You can also freeze them for later use. Do not peel or shell - crack open into quarters and use the whole thing. Good luck! JK

  2. where do I find soft walnuts?